New project. Just a black screen :-(


I want to try to develop a game with the Gear VR (V2).
I have the latest version of the gear (with the remote) and a samsung galaxy S8.

I have try to compile apk for the android and it works.
I have try the firstperson exemple and it works. I have succeed to print text in the level (draw text exactly).

So now I want to begin a new game with no template.

I have select the same option (mobile, 3D, no starterpack).
I have delete all exept ground.
I have build wall and roof (closed room).
I have put a light with no sucess. I have add a sunlight but no succeed.

I see alwas a white circle with another white circle inside and all the room is black. I see nothing. When I click play it works correctly on the PC.

I have use the same parameters for the project (use gearVR, 19, 19 …)

No problem in compilation.

I have add a camera too but nothing, always the blackscreen.

Can you help me to know why there is a blackscreen ?

Need a position start or other ?
How can I delete the circles ?

Thanks a lot.

The problem is the PC make 10 minutes to build the apk. When I want to try any modification, I must wait and put the apk on the samsung. I have not an option like “gear vr” in the play menu like I have seen for the occulus on youtube videos.

I have no set the starter map in the project settings !

It’ s good, I am in my room