New PC, PS3 and Xbox360 Game - Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

Fursan al-Aqsa Drone Gameplay

Hello guys!

I want to showcase a brand new vehicle which will be used on some Campaign Missions of Fursan al-Aqsa Game.

Intelligence in times of war means killing your opponents with their own weapons…

Enjoy this new gameplay showing off the drone, which you will use in many missions across the Campaign Mode of #FursanAqsaGame

A you will also fight drones ?

Player skins are really awesome and love the fact that the first one even has some play doh strapped to him in case he gets bored on the battlefield :smiley:
Drone on the other hand(although the model is good) i don’t think it fits with the environment.I thought you wanted it more realistic and having blasters and drone like that 2013 movie Oblivion kind of moves it away.Probably a more modern quadrocopter drone that fires a machine gun?
If you want the sci fi element like metal gear 4, than maybe most models will have to get some sci fi elements to their armor too.You know, combine something old with something new that is beat up metal(but not that new)

Yes my friend, you will fight against drones, helicopters and tanks, and will also be able to drive them!

Hello my brother! Thanks for the compliments, and for the criticism! About the drone model. This drone model is part of the first mission, whenever the player needs to sabotage a Israeli Technology Research Camp, and this is a new technology being developed by IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and one of the mission objectives of the first map (mission) is to steal this prototype.

However, I wont give more details about the game’s narrative, because I want to avoid spoilers :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Cheers and until next update!

Man I would be sooo jelous if you reach PS4 : D :o

Yes, I plan to release the upcoming episodes for PS4 and Xbox One (maybe PS5 and Xbox X Series), however, this will take a lot of time, because I will have to remake my game in Unreal Engine 4 or even 5.

As for now, I want to focus on PC/PS3/Xbox360.


This is just a sneak peek of the Explosive Action and Epic Bosses Battles which awaits you on Fursan al-Aqsa.

More gameplay and demos pleasee :rolleyes:

For today I want to showcase a new map I am making for #FursanAqsaGame.

This will be a Mossad Office Headquarter, the Israeli Secret Service.

Your mission is to infiltrate on the office, and find some important documents about a new attack Israel is planning against Palestine.

Hey cant wait to toggle first person camera and play can be cool ! : P awesome indoors levels

Yes my friend, I will upload a new demo, very soon, the “Infiltration Demo”, so people can understand and have a feeling on how the campaign mode works. Stay tunned!

Here I showcase the first person mode for some guns of my game, especially the pistols, greatly inspired by the classic Goldeneye 007.

My game is a Third Person Shooter, however, listening to the desire and feedback of many players who played my game`s first demo, I added the possibility to change between first person and third person view at any time in the game, pleasing both worlds (FPS fans and TPS fans).

But for the sake of keeping this reference to Goldeneye 007, I decided to only add hands models to pistols (otherwise they will not look good), as for the rifles, they dont have first person arms. It`s a game design decision.

Also I manually made the reload and equip/holster weapons animation to remember as much as I can Goldeneye 007.

I hope you enjoy, and very soon I will release a new demo for my game, the “Infiltration Demo”. More details soon.


Fursan al-Aqsa Announcement Trailer - All the Power to the People of Palestine

Watch the video: Fursan al-Aqsa - All the Power to the People of Palestine video - Indie DB

Soundtrack by Rodrigo KTarse (Rodrigo KTARSE - YouTube) the Great Insurgent Rapper of Brazil’s Guetos!

Updated Demo

Download PC Version:
Download PS3 Version:
Download Xbox360 Version:

This Updated Demo of Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque will allow players to have a taste of the Campaign Mode, which has a gameplay very similar to (and inspired by) the Classic Shooter Goldeneye 007, with many mission objectives to complete on each “mission”, such as destroying security cameras, sabotaging some Israeli equipment, finding documents that reveal more details about the game’s plot, planting bombs, invading Israeli bases, finding and murdering a specific enemy, rescuing Palestinian civilians, hijacking vehicles, taking down planes.

Adding to this, there is a Multiplayer Map, Battle of Negev Desert, so you all can revive the Golden Days of Split Screen Multiplayer Games.

On consoles (PS3 and Xbox360), the multiplayer mode works outside the box, as for PC, you need to have 2 Xbox360 Gamepads for PC. However, it works aswell with ANY PC Gamepad through the Xbox360 Controller Emulator, which is already included with PC Version.

After you install the PC Version, just go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Press Beta\Support\

All the intructions are there.

The full version of this game will be released in January 2021, Insha Allah (God’s Willing)

I hope you all enjoy this updated demo, as there is too much love, dedication and many sleepless nights spent on this project.

Assalamu Alaykum, may the Peace be upon You!

Nidal Nijm.

Note: There is a small bug in the game (which does not interfere with gameplay), it is a bug in the version of Unreal Engine 3 that I am using. Sometimes, when the player leans against some walls and tries to shoot, the projectile of the weapon is not launched. To solve this, just tap in any direction (W, A, S, D) and shoot again. This is because the starting point of the projectile launch in Unreal Engine 3 is calculated in relation to the position of the player’s camera, and sometimes the camera is “pressed” on some walls when the player is too close, losing the starting point of calculation for launching the projectile.

Played it a little today(not finished the mission as I wasn’t concentrated enough), but i can tell it is not as difficult as it used to be which is good.Kind of distracted as the pistol with silencer doesn’t point exactly to the same direction as the cross hair(in first person) but is manageable.Still the mission level looks solid and the layout of the level is nice.Have to admit that i returned a few times back just to check if a med pack has respawned but sadly no :smiley:
How do you perform those knife combos from the back ive seen before on older videos?

Multiplayer level, visually needs more love though.More assets .
You can add to the pc version a option for 2k and 4k res as im sure it will run fine on most hardware.

My great and long time friend O_and_N

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, after the complain of many players, I decided to reduce the damage the bullets cause, and at the same time I reduced enemies health, so that means, the player needs to take a lot more bullets to die, while the enemies, depending on the weapon you are using, from 2 to 3 shots are enough for killing them.

About the knife kills animations, yes, for this specific map I dropped it, because, after a lot of testing, I realized that on closed environments, indoor maps like this one, the knife kills camera is so buggy. In example, if you perform a knife kill inside a tigh corridor, the camera will move outside the level geometry, which is not good.

For this reason, I will be adding the knife kills animations on the challenges mode, just like the first demo (headshots).

For each campaign map, I will make a challenge mode version of the map, on which the player’s objective is to earn rankings.

I already have a very good and open outdoor map which is perfectly for the knife kills.

This map you played on the updated demo, I will revamp it adding many new 3D assets and adding complete new mission objectives and make it the 3rd campaign mission. And the challenge version of this map will be for headshots (I think it is a good fit).

I plan to make many challenge missions, like Kill as many enemies using a rocket launcher, survive enemies wave by taking cover on sandbags and using just a makarov pistol, kill as many enemies using a molotov weapon, kill all enemies on the map using the knife kills combo, using a sniper, and so on.

About the medical pack respawn, yes, I added a kismet sequence to self destroy each health pickup actor after being picked up, to compensate that I reduced the game’s difficulty.

About adding 2k and 4K resolutions, no bro, it will be a lot of work for me, having to make each asset’s textures on HD version, also having to make all the Flash Scaleform assets in 2k and 4K will be a lot of work.

On my workflow, all the assets are the same on all 3 versions, PC, PS3 and Xbox360. The only difference, is about lightmapping resolutions. On some maps, especially bigger ones, I made a specific version for consoles, on which I reduce the lightmapping resolution of some assets on the map, so the final map overall file size, after light building, is under 50MB.

Untill now, just one map of the campaign has a console version, but this one you played on the infiltration demo is the same for PC, PS3 and Xbox360.

And on these consoles, the game runs smoothly at 60 fps, even on Split Screen Multiplayer. The secret is Precomputed Visibility Volumes, which is mainly used for iPhone Games built with UDK, but I am using for all, PC and Consoles.

And just some behind the scenes info, all this gameplay was entirely done in Kismet, however, as I learned how to call Kismet Remote Events in Unreal Script, this opened a whole new door for me, and many new gameplay ideas.

In example, if you shoot using the rifle, the alarms will be triggered making the mission fail.

It’s just because on the M4A1 Weapon Class, inside the fire sequence, I added this function to call the Remote Kismet Event on the map which triggers the alarm and fails the mission:

 local array<SequenceObject> AllSeqEvents;
local Sequence GameSeq;
local int i;

GameSeq = WorldInfo.GetGameSequence();
if (GameSeq != None)
// find any Level Reset events that exist
GameSeq.FindSeqObjectsByClass(class'SeqEvent_RemoteEvent', true, AllSeqEvents);

// activate them
for (i = 0; i < AllSeqEvents.Length; i++)
if(SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents*).EventName == 'MissionFailedNoise')
SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents*).CheckActivate(WorldInfo, None);

About the silencer pistol, yes, that laser is just a 3D cilinder I added on the pistol model, just for the cosmetics, and I think this confuses the player, because players, by instinct, will try to focus on the laser direction, instead on the crosshair. I think I may remove that laser, as it doesn’t have any function, except cosmetic. I was inspired by metal gear solid’s pistol :smiley:

About the Multiplayer Map, yeah, that was just a fast map I did build for players having a taste of it. For the final game, I will use the same campaign maps, with different versions (night, morning, afternoon) for the multiplayer.

That desert will be the Mission 7 of Campaign Mode, but I will add many 3D assets on it, like military tent, barrels, fences, and so on.

I also plan to add driveable tank on this map for multiplayer mode.

Cheers and thanks for the feedback.

Actually if your textures are like 2k on the meshes, setting a simple setres 2560x1400f or 4k it wont hurt at all i think.It will just give more ‘‘fake’’ antialising to the game making it more crisp on higher resolution monitors.For example, im using a 4k monitor and i can tell you that 50?50 of the times 1080p content looks little blurry when stretched to 4k.(not enough to for me to have problems but there are picky gamers out there that want more and more>understandable if they have top of the line hardware though)

But on the other hand, i have no idea if the 1080p scaleform will scale to 2k and 4k.I believe it will scale by default without problems.

Tried downloading your game to try it out. On the download, it says it is not a safe file and wont let me save it. Probably would not help sales, Can you fix that? Your game looks interesting, Would like to try this out, so i could give ya some feedback.

Edit: ok i got it downloaded, but you should fix the exe installer to be more installer friendly with win10. For how many warnings i got, most would just delete it and not download it.

Hello mate. Thanks for the tip. Oh yeah, on the final game I will make it a zip file instead of exe, because, many times, Chrome and Firefox (I think also MS Edge) shoots out this message. But believe me, even if you check it with any antivirus, it is safe.

Yes, try it and give me a feedback, I want to polish this game as much as I can.

Yes, it is just like using 720p on a 1080p monitor, it will look blurry. And as PS3 and Xbox360 maximum resolution is 1080p, so because this I will stick to 1080p. Scaleform scales to fit the actual screen/game resolution, the problem is that I wiould have to make the png assets of my flash files 4K (for PC), as both PS3 and Xbox360 have a limit of file size for swf files (it must be under 10MB).

On consoles, in example, the animated character scaleform main menu does not work, crashes the game, so I made it static.

Thanks guys for all the feedback!

got this error when playing

Cant seem to get it to repeat that error. So far it seems decent. Can not get thru that second room. the , AI are tough :slight_smile: Will give more feedback as i try it out more.

O_and_N, Comment on damage might be a good idea. You die easy.