New Panoramic Rendering feature in UE5 Movie Render Queue

Has anyone managed to get this new rendering feature in UE5 working? Or provide any further info?
It looks like the solution I’ve been looking for a very long time [panoramic rendering with customisable Horizontral and vertical FOV]. But I can’t get it to work without crashing. ‘Render que additional passes’ plugin needs to be enabled.
I haven’t found any info online so far.


I am also trying to use this. It should stop crashing if you just delete Deferred Rendering option.
But even than The lighting is not coming proper. It’s looking horrible. I am not sure why. I want to use Lumen with this.

This is what it should Look Like HighresScreenshot00000|690x424

As far as I can tell (just made a small test) you need to enable “Allocate History Per Pane” if you want to have any type of GI. In my test it works both with Lumen and RTXGI.


Thank you so much for this tip AF01!

I didn’t realise we could get raytraced panos now, we couldn’t get them with the old panoramic capture plugin.

This is amazing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info…is there any documentation on the options shown above…its not super clear what the “steps” are doing.

Thanks! I watched that before coming here, he even says he could not find any docs on the options (1:55 in)…was hoping someone here had some info.

I tried this, and I put a video plane in it, the video plane looks very blurry. Any thing I missed?

anyone trying with UE5.1? i jut got black screen??? but working in unreal 5.03


I am also getting black screen while rendering in UE5.1 but It was working in 5.03.

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Same here. Seems broken in 5.1

Getting black renders in 5.1 also, I was just asking online about this, thanks for confirming that its a plugin/5.1 issue…now, where do we report these kinds of busted plugin issues on the forum??

Same issue here in 5.1 for panoramic rendering, this has to be fixed asap.

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I reported the bug, but more reports may get it fixed sooner, Unreal Engine Community

Bug reported here, and they have recreated the issue, Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-173024)

Same Here. As per UE-173024 “panoramic Renderer in UE5.1= black frames. could we be missing something? UE-173024 describes it perfectly”

This bug report says it was resolved however it has not been resolved.

Resolved Jan 11, 2023


Regression: Tested in UE5/Release-5.0, and the issue does not occur, so regression is yes

This issue also occurs when you set “Enable alpha channel support in post processing (experimental)” to “Allow through tonemapper”. Either leaving it set to this or leaving it disabled does not change the result to be expected.

I have tried this in unreal engine 5.1 with postprocessing apha - Disabled (black frames) | Tonemapper enabled (system crashes before rendering 1 frame) | and Linear color space only (System crashes before rendering 1 frame).

How do we re-open the ticket?

It is resolved. If you look again at the bug report page, you’ll notice that the fix is targeted for the release of 5.1.1

They aren’t going to update source code on release branches without tagging it as a new version (even if it’s a minor version aka x.x.1)

If you download and compile the engine from source however, you should (probably) have no problem simply replacing the .cpp and .h files they updated/fixed and recompiling.

Have you guys managed to use the panoramic render in 5.1.1? It doesn’t render all black anymore, but if I enable history per pane, no matter how simple the scene is, I always get a D3D device crash :frowning:

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