New material layers / Derivative map DDX and DDY

Have a material that uses derivative maps and DDX/DDY nodes — in it’s own material the mips look as intended. When combined with the new material layering system however, the mips don’t appear to work, and aliased edges appear. Is this a known bug, and are there any workarounds?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the material layering system was shelved. I would recommend against using it, since no bugs will be fixed and since it’s not getting attention it’s quite possible other things will break in the future.

Are you referring to the experimental workflow introduced in 4.19, or the previous method of layering?

The one introduced in 4.19

Not sure where you have read that, but the feature has been updated today in 4.24 Preview 1.

They released it in an experimental state, then later shelved it indefinitely. Read through this thread for details. Looks like it’s back though, which is great!