New Lighting Levels won't handle multiple skylights

I’m not sure if this a bug or work as intended but since I did not see any remark in the release note that this should not work, I assume it is a bug.

I have a project with several regular levels and two light levels. The lightlevels contain a directional light and a skysphere each for day and night sets.
I add a skylight to each light level.

When only one lightlevel is visible, mapcheck reports “Multiple skylights are active, only one can be active per world”

Since the other skylight and it’s level isn’t loaded, it should not be active and I should be able to have one skylight per light level to provide different diffuse illumination

Hi Wallenstein,

I’ve submitted a ticket for this, you can track it’s status here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39327)

From what I see when testing this the lighting will still build for the static/stationary skylight and no affect the rest of the lighting build other than having this warning. For the time being until this is fixed, you can just ignore the error.



OK, thanks, i wasn’t sure if the light would build correctly. I have a day and night scenario which need different skylights plus dungeons with no skylight.

Thanks by the way for this new feature. I was beating the engine up until 4.13 to reach a similar effect but it never worked very well and didn’t look good.
This was a much needed feature!

I can confirm, this is still true for 4.20.1!

this problem still exits in 4.21, 2 years later.

Still noticing the error in 4.21.2, it would seem to be a simple correction to make in the warning code, not sure why it has not been corrected for more than 2 years.

Having this issue too on 4.22.3.
Light builds work fine, but packaging failed.

This is popping up in 5.3 :confused:

I’m getting this error in 5.3 with only one SkyLight.