New iMacs 2017 announced...

Apple has announced new iMacs on WWDC 17. They advertised them with Unreal Engine 4 and… HTC Vive:eek: I was shocked when I saw this… Standard configuration has 8-core Intel Xeon processors and new Radeon Vega graphics cards. They also introduced external graphic card for MacBook Pro.

What do you think? Will Apple devices become friendly for game developers? Do you consider to buy one of them? I’m thinking if it has potential to be a real competitor for Windows…

… interesting.

Specs are good, but knowing apple this thing will cost at least 2 times as much as a comparable windows pc :smiley:

Super excited to see what Epic has planned on the AR front :slight_smile:

That’s fine, but the price is still insanely high. At least people will have the option though if they have the money to waste.

are we really talking about this?

As others have mentioned, the price is going to be really, really…REALLY high comparing with a PC setup.

They put in Xeon processors instead of Ryzen, which are less than half the price.

This is all anyone needs to know about the viability of any Mac ever:

Spoiler: They are horribly overpriced pieces of garbage. Don’t fall for the marketing.

We keep on agreeing these days, was going to post something similar. But careful with Mac guys they take their hardware seriously with spears and all :).

I like Apple, and their computers. No I don’t like their prices, and performance. They caught a lot of heat about releasing a $2500 Macbook “Pro” With last gen hardware, and enough Vram to run a 6 year old game. The bottom line is. When Developers, and manufacturers cater to Linux, Debian, etc. The tune will change just as it has with mobile. When Google builds a real Debian/Linux based OS, and no not a chromebook. Major companies will flock to it. Windows is the most horrible OS I have ever used. I absolutely hate it. Most PC manufacturers cater directly to windows, and MAC. I cannot stand Using windows, but alas. I have to because a lot of software manufacturers dont build to Linux. Windows is not allowed to access the internet in my household. This is the only way I can ensure it continues to function somewhat normally. Even offline. It continues to scan itself. Beep randomly. Notify me constantly, attempt to update, run random processes, and do whatever it want’s to do. without reason. I shouldn’t have to buy a pc and spend days customizing it, and removing bloatware.

I don’t understand how so many people can have problems with windows. It works just fine for me.

This could be a good option for hard core Mac lovers who really don’t want to use Windows for game development. But it won’t lure many PC users over to the dark/cool side.

The iMacs announced at WWDC that are now available do not have Xeon CPU’s or the $5000 starting price tag. The expensive Xeon ones are labelled iMac Pro and are not available till December.

The external GPU support is not just for the Macbook Pro, it should be for any Mac that has Thunderbolt 3.

Thanks to things like Metal and Epics efforts, UE4 already works pretty well on macs that have reasonable GPU, and that will improve further with the announced Metal 2.

I am glad that Apple are officially supporting external GPU stuff because I’ve been putting up with an extremely old Mac Pro tower with a much more recent and powerful graphics card added in (1070) and there is an obvious mismatch between the aged CPU & bus speeds and the GPU. Now I can upgrade without having to wait for whatever modular Mac Pro they may make in future. I dont need Xeon processors or the extreme cost of the iMac Pro so I will probably go down the laptop route. VR for macs is a nice bonus.

I never get tired of putting more nails into the Mac coffin so I’ll just leave this here: AMD Ryzen Powered $1500 System Smokes $5500 Mac Pro In Photoshop Benchmark.

Awesome news…