New here! need help

How to be a blueprinter,I learn it for a year,but i still can’t make my blueprint work,what should i do?

In few steps:

  • on youtube find epic chanel with tutorials about unreal engine
  • follow them all one by one. Do not hurry up. By following i mean watch tutorial ad do same stuff in your project. Just watching them while scratching *** does not work, you need to understand what and how things are done.
  • when you feel like you could do some game think about SMALLEST possible game that is fun to make. Then remove everything from it until that can be barely called a game. Do this as your first project.

If above does not work you need to learn programming (that is my guess). So pick easiest language to learn, do few basic lessons in it until you grasp idea of data, code, loops , conditions etc.
Cannot say much more because i do not know where your problem is (ie. what is real cause for your inability to learn blueprints).

This. What Nawrot said: “If above does not work you need to learn programming. . .” I think it helps tremendously to learn some basic programming concepts, even if you are blueprinting with UE. Visual scripting is awesome, but can get pretty dense and sophisticated pretty quick. Keep working those tutorials and docs, Epic’s are great and there is a ton out there on the web that are really good too. I like this guy, Wadstein, who is going node by node through the engine, with examples:
True dat: little things beget bigger things. And this is a biz, where you have to always be learning, no matter if you are a newbie or a pro. Keep at it! You’ll get there.

In addition: you can find Blueprint courses on internet that can help you make some specific projects from scratch.


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