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Game development, from practice to perfectionism.

One thing a lot of game developers want is to make a game well made, one that pleases not only themselves but other people as well. Between starting and ending a game, there is a path with several entrails. The developer always seeks to balance each part, such as art, gameplay, story, marketing, accessibility and so on.

Defining the most problematic area is very important, the public constantly evaluates your game, right at the beginning, through trailers, screenshots and even simpler things, such as a simple bad phrase placed in the game description. I believe that at this moment every detail must be taken into account. The big challenge, however, is to keep the overall quality balanced. For example, having the “perfect” character and a poorly constructed story will ruin the project (in story-focused games). I believe that the most effective way to make a game enjoyable is to not focus so much on what no one is talking about and turn your eyes to what actually “bothers” people or a good part of them. In Parallel’s case, most of the criticism has been in relation to dubbing. Even though I’m doing all the dubbing myself at the moment, I see myself in the obligation and challenge to train and improve. Other people said they feel a little lack of action, I’m working on it too, of course, without losing the essence of the game.

To complete, the testing phase is something extremely important, soon Parallel will have an official Alpha version for testing, where other people will be able to play and pass an opinion. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to make this version available, if it will be through registration, invitation, if there will be any answer form, etc. If you want to be aware of this, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the official website

Launching a game in parts.
Hello guys. We know how hard it is to compete with AAA games, established franchises that have the help of big publishers. Many independent developers are talented and are always looking to have some kind of support to polish or complete the game and release it to the public. But something came to my mind, like most of the indies teams, with 5 to 10 people working on the title, don’t you think releasing the game in parts would be a great idea? With a fair price I believe this would be a good solution for small projects that have potential to grow in the future. So releasing the part 2, 3 and so on, would be the consequence of a great work. Would like to know your opinion.

Hello guys, I am adjusting the marketing material of the game as the project becomes more complete. So I’m bringing some new screenshots. I invite you to see the new website and the new Steam page. And this week I will bring a new trailer. As always, your support is really important, especially who add the game to Steam’s wish list. Be sure that I am doing my best on this project, with a lot passion and focus.
Steam page: Parallel on Steam

Greetings friends, there’s a new Parallel Trailer. Let’s bring this game to consoles?

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Everything in life is a step, and it wasn’t yesterday that I started my journey. In August of last year I launched the first Parallel Trailer, today there are 8 thousand subscribers on YouTube and I just have to thank you, because through you my confidence and motivation grows stronger and stronger to produce this game. This image represents a new step, the growth of the Parallel universe, I believe that we must always put a lot of energy and positivity in our dreams and goals, and that’s what I’ve been doing. Thank you so much guys.

Following the request of some people, I ended up creating the third-person camera option and adding action moments as well, which makes Parallel’s universe even wider. I don’t want to limit the game Parallel to a single player profile, I want it to be a great adventure for everyone.

My idea is not to limit myself, because Parallel is no longer just a professional project, for me it’s a life project, it’s where I’m putting all my faith and dedication. With your support growing more and more I feel safe in continuing to invest time in the game. I can say that the project is getting way above my initial expectations, because I love it, I love playing and developing games. It’s something I enjoy doing, and without you none of this would be so good.

Finally, thank you for accompanying me on this mission, if you can, share this video with as many people as possible, among friends, family, etc. I really believe in the strength of the gaming community. Thanks a lot guys.

Finally, thank you for accompanying me on this mission, if you can, share this video with as many people as possible, among friends, family, etc. I really believe in the strength of the gaming community. Thanks a lot guys.

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