New Game Parallel

Greetings. I am from the Parallel World and my Steam page is online. Check it out. And don’t forget to put the game in your Wishlist, if you like of course.

Have a nice day my friend.


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Guys, I have more images of the game Parallel to show, do not forget to give that help on social networks and especially to add to the Steam wish list, it helps a lot. As soon as I finish some important parts of the game, I will bring an introduction and gameplay video because the crowd has been asking a lot. The game is made for you and I’m dedicating myself a lot, day and night. Thank you all.






As a passionated player of Shadows Of Kepler I am a bit confused rn. If I got it right you are part of the SoK development team so why isn`t your focus laid on that game? If this means SoK is dead then I am a bit overwhelmed tbh.
Anyways, the game looks good. I look forward to see more so keep up the nice work!

Hi. Good question. In Shadows of Kepler we were a team with 4 people (me as producer), each one of them with their other responsibilities not related to the game. So the financial and investor part was crucial for us to focus all our forces to that game. With no money I saw myself on a desert, so I decided to start a new game where I not depend of other members to make sure this game will be released, even if there is no investor. I know is a hard, very hard work, but I am working with game development for a long time and I hope I do this for the rest of my life. So for me, there is no doubt that this game soon or later, will be released and I count on your support. When you add the game to the Steam Wish list, it helps a lot.

I am working a lot on the YouTube Game Channel, the feedback is really important to me.

If some investor come to save Shadows of Kepler. I am the first one to go back and fight for that game. You know, developing games is my passion, specially with a team.

Thanks for your message.

Hi. The community of the YouTube channel is helping me a lot. They were asking for a Gameplay video, so here it is. The first Gameplay of the game Parallel (Pre-Alpha) This is a solo project, as always, any comment is very important to me. Thanks.


Greetings. In this video I talk a little about my gaming experience and how I am adjusting the game Parallel, bringing some news of the Gameplay. What do you think about the project and the way I think about the games?




Guys, I prepared a video about creating games. I hope to help and encourage many people with this.

Some more images of the game I am producing. On YT I’m bringing some videos about development too, I hope you like it. Thanks guys.
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Hey guys. I made a video about the biggest challenge in the production of the game Parallel, where I also show how the Game Menu is getting. Sorry for not being able to always make a video in English, but I did the subtitles.


Looks interesting. Do. you need non humanoid Creatures? I can create, Rig and Animate those.

Not now, keep in contact. Thanks.

Guys. I’m bringing a video about the 3 pillars of the game developer. Sorry for not being able to always make a video in English, but I did the subtitles. I hope to help other developers and people who want to enter the game development world. Thank you all so much for the support.

[youtube]Os 3 PILARES para o desenvolvedor de jogos. Como o jogo Parallel se beneficia disso? - YouTube