New forum update feedback


after doing some quick browsing through the updated forum, i found some minor issues:

  1. the default style looks awful (this is ofc very subjective)
  2. Cannot save user settings on account page (forum tells me i am not able to ignore “” because its a admin, but my ignore list is empty)
  3. “Marketplace Creator” badge image is missing (only on my own account though, i can see it on other users? for me, i get this url for the image source: core/images/badges/Badge_A_MarketplaceCreator.png)


The new post per page limit changed 2 page threads into 6 pages. Might tweak that a bit.

My “engine contributer” badge is gone?

jup, cannot see it either on your account.

It’s VERY buggy right now. Oh god please put it back. It’s so ugly :frowning: The old forum was so easy to read, this theme adds so much clutter.

Also, I want my default dark theme back :confused:

The layout needs to fit the page instead of huge empty margins left and right.

I also get an error when I try to change any settings (Style for example:)

I also cannot find an advanced editor for posting?

The new style is not looking good and by the way what happened to badges? It’s so cool Epic finally introduced forum avatars :slight_smile: (Only available on default VB5 style theme).

+1 on the theme. And, you dont have any badges, guess i am lucky to have at least the one showing up :wink:

Maybe its possible to switch the theme to another one, there is an Epic theme in the settings, but i cannot save those since i get an error when trying.

If anyone manages to change their theme and break their ability to navigate the site like I did, scroll down to the bottom left and you’ll see a theme switcher you can use. The theme switcher does not appear with the Epic style.

If the layout is wider it gets hard to read text. But then again the font could be larger…

Click on the A button above.

Reason why badges broke, bad image urls:

I just realized the big A is the Advanced Editor and not Font Settings :smiley:

Yeah, thats what i meant in my first post with the image urls. The working ones are pulled from the cdn, the non-working from a default setting as it seems. Though funnily some work for some users and not for others.

Threads/posts per page needs to go up. At least double it.

You can change the posts per page in the settings. The problem is just, that you cannot save those right now :slight_smile:

Mention seem to be broke. It shows @hallatore in older posts instead of @hallatore

Forum search is also broken. I use the same keywords allmost every day, but now it doesn’t find results anymore.

Well, thats the reason why you usually try such an update on a backup VM first :smiley:

The admin is probably not able currently to fix anything with all the tears in the eyes :wink:

Oh, it’s already wider. Looks like they are going over minor things one by one.
Lets give them the day and see what is still broken after that.

There’s also no “Jump to last post” in the Forum overview anymore.