New Forum Features Inbound?

I see we now have the ability to “tag” users on threads.

I wonder where this will lead…

~ Jason

Tetetetest. ^^

I’d be laughing if we just tagged each other for termination of our accounts…

EDIT: Oh! I see. When you tagged me, it came up in my notifications.

~ Jason

When you give kids a nuclear bomb, to play with, you have to give them some safety instructions first!
Dunno what means tagging, but i like the feature, to poke someone and get his attention.
But i bet, it’s not made for that?
Why could i tag you only once in a thread?
When i need a quick answer it’s a cool feature, but please epic make it possible to be used more then once!
Edit: Tagging in UE4 is a good thing.

to be honest I don’t really see the point:p.

Sir i understand that feature not. Can you explain please?
Can i tag you, when not?

@Luftbauch, that was a random notification:).

@smokey13 oh cool stuff, thank you.
Now i get it, when ppl use mention to often, you could tag them?

Interesting :o Someone quote me, I want to see if that counts as a mention.

I don’t think it does but it does give you a notification:).


just realized you get an email whenever your quoted or mentioned and I cant find the setting to turn it off:(.

Lets just tag everyone we find c:

Well it looks like I push the launch button without browsing the readme…

Oh well.

~ Jason

I agree.

~ Jason

Hey look at that, you’re right.


I still wonder what “mentioned” means.

it means someone mentioned your name [MENTION=11810]Jason Wanderer[/MENTION]:D;).


So much luxury.


I think only @Jamendxman3 will count, but how is it, when i spammention, get you then spambombed too?
@Jamendxman3+ @Kanizitas = doublemention!
@Jamendxman3+ @Kanizitas + @Jamendxman3+ @Kanizitas + @Jamendxman3+ @Kanizitas = Megamultimention!

Haha, thanks @smokey13 !

Everyone on this thread is probably not using the features for what they were intended for.

EDIT: Interesting. I get a notification when I mention someone else as well as when I am mentioned.

~ Jason

your welcome:).

umm…probably not and I only have some understanding of their intended use so wouldn’t be good at explaining it but maybe if we are lucky someone like [MENTION=14973]Chance Ivey[/MENTION] might drop in and give the explanation;).

Is it maybe also if multiple people are working on the same project?? I am confuzzled xD