New Featured Content Rotation

Hi everyone,

There are some great features on the way to tackle discoverability and featuring on the Marketplace (see here). We know this has been a sticking point for many in the community and have been working to find a solution. Until these features are released, we have developed a new system to feature content. Each week, we will be rotating through the newly released content, featuring items for 2 days each, rotating out what new content is being shown. Tuesdays will be reserved for other featured options such as staff picks, randomly generated featured content, and the Community Interest Poll selections.First place will get the second week of the month, second place will get the third week, and third place will get the fourth week, with the first week being used as our week to poll. This will allow for more content to be cycled through our featured list, highlight new content, and give us a day to feature staff picks and older content as well, giving more content creators a chance to be in the spotlight. This is not a permanent solution, it is our solution while we work on the discoverability features.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message or .


Sounds like a great start. Thanks for the heads up ! =)

Superb! Nice idea !

Ohhh i like that :smiley:

Excellent news! Glad to see some of this stuff getting changed :slight_smile: 2017 is looking to be a nice year for the marketplace!

Finally \o/ Thanks for this!