New Clothing pipeline| ETA ?

Hey guys,

on the UE4 Roadmap: Trello is a new clothing pipeline listed for work till march :slight_smile: Which is very much welcome, thx for adressing this important feature :wink:
The old way with apex Maya/max vertexpaint setup feels a bit rusty and is susceptibility to errors from my point of view.

Any plans or infos on this item? Is it planed to be released with the next update?

Why am i asking this?
im planning to relase a bigger character pack with a few custom characterparts, body helm, clothparts, shoulder etc. I wanna avoid doin double work in the end if the system changes with the upcoming updates. My plan is to submit the first pack in end of March.

I was checking the forums and didnt found a similar thread regarding the new cloth piepline. If is missed something, sorry for double posting.

Have fun and cheers,

Hi Thomas.

Not much to update here, aside from the fact that it’s still under development and we are targeting the 4.16 release for it. That target is subject to change, but if it sticks then that’s about 3 months from now.


Hey Stephen,

many thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to see what you guys have in store!

Can you share some details of the implementation?

Will it be an additional editor? How will collision be handled? Will it use the Physics Asset of the mesh? What kind of options are exposed to tweak the cloth? Something similar to Apex?

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

I don’t think we’re ready to share those details just yet. Stay tuned though.