New C++ widget class missing from the Content Browser

I’m working on creating a “unit moving on the map” actor, with a hovering widget to display things like the unit’s name, loyalties, and strength. I think that I’m going to need two C++ classes, one for the mover and one as a wrapper class for the hovering widget.

When I created the mover class itself – my first C++ class in this project – it appeared in the Unreal Editor without any problems. When I created the C++ wrapper class, MoverHoveringStats, it’s showing up in Visual Studio, and its source code files appear in the expected places (.h in Public, .cpp in Private), but the class is nowhere to be found in the C++ Classes section of my Content Browser. It’s in the same location as the Mover class, and I created it with the same process.

How do I get this class to show up in the Content Browser?

Update: All I needed to do was to compile! I was having problems with the compiler, due to a bad element in one of my classes, and I’d failed to take that issue sufficiently seriously; with that sorted out, this is resolved as well.

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