New Android sound system - when ?!

So, tried UE 4.14.1 + FMOD 1.08.15 + Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.1 which gives no spatialization at all. Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.4 and older UE4 / FMOD work fine, current Oculus Audio SDK + UE 4.14.1 + current FMOD = no luck.

This is extremely tiring. Instead of working on the project all I am doing it setting up, cross checking if stuff works and reporting bugs that never get fixed. I am just wasting my life with this :frowning:

It would be much nicer if UE4 finally got its new audio system finalized, where Gear VR would get HRTF spatialized sound (with Oculus Audio SDK built-in, so that sh#t would just work out of the box).

Are there any good news on the horizon ?

Thanks beforehand

Yeah unbelievable UE4 still does not support spatialized audio out of the box for mobile VR (on both GearVr and Daydream platforms).

Such an important feature for VR immersion we are really missing out on. While Epic might just say it might be working with a 3rd party plugin that is not ideal for our workflows where VR development always requires the latest version of everything (it’s still bleeding edge) and alot of these 3rd party plugins do not keep up :frowning:

This is really required Epic and can’t be too difficult to implement as the Oculus and Daydream SDKs support it!

EDIT: according to this post maybe in 4.15? UE4 Audio system rewrite status ? - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

I figured FMOD + SDK + 4.14.1 issue. Got spatialization working.