Never ending question

So i am beginner in UE4, have landscape 1,5x1,5 km with small house and of course (didnt know this is two words:) ) landscape foliage, when I build light at medium quality it took 1 hour to 8% so I guess it will take 10-15 hours for whole scene. What to do ? have 960gtx OC 4G, 16G RAM ddr3, i73930K overclocked to 4-4.2 ghz.

-I red something about World Composition? Is it possible to make it on 1,5x1,5km already built landscape, because it would be pain in a… to make new heightmap and landscape?

-Lightmass Importance Volume. Use this just around house and street? How is going to influence on rest of landscape because surrounding is important for me :slight_smile:

Any suggestions, and help

Only bake lighting where you need it, use dynamic lighting/shadows for foliage. Keep the quality settings low.

can you be more precise how to do that :smiley:

Lighting is a big subject and im no expert on the matter, but here is a couple of suggestions.
is your lightmap resolution all ok/not too high?
do you have alot of foliage, and is it baked lighting? baking lighting on large amounts of foliage is usually a nono.

You could try using the GPU lightmass baker, it significantly boosts build times


I am using dynamic lightning, but I would like how to bake just a section like where is house and something like that.