Neutral post-process settings as defaults

Is there a way to set the default post process settings to something neutral? No white clipping, no film grain, no contrast adjustment, etc. While I can place an unbound PP volume on my level and turn off post process effects manually, that still doesn’t affect viewports elsewhere in UEd like the material editor.

By the way, these are the settings I’m using for neutral:

Hi Zoltan,

You can go into Project Settings > Rendering > Default PostProcessing Settings and disable some of the options for post processing for the editor. Not all post process settings are in here, only the more prevalent ones like Bloom, AO, Auto Exposure, Motion Blur, Lens Flare, and AA method.

Keep in mind that in your level viewport these can still be overridden by any post process volume settings there and does not disable these features for your game.

I hope this helps.