I’ve made a simple game my brother and I like playing. I was telling him it was possible to make it multiplayer so we could play against each other.
The problem is I have no clue how this is done.
I’ve been searching and reading some of the documentation.
I’ve seen a lot of what needs to be done, but not how to do it.
Is there an Idiots Guide?
To keep it simple we both use the same WiFi.
Some questions:
How is the game set up / compiled. Are there 2 separate compiles (one for the server and one for the client)
or is it the same and the client just ignores the server stuff?
How do we connect?

Hey look not further check my tutoriall in c++ you will fell like a pro

Converting single-player to online is harder then going for it from the start.

You linked the “edit” function of the video (it sends me to my own videos) - this would be the correct link:

wow sorry hoax, well as bruno Xavier says, it is easier from start for múltiple reasons than convert something single Player.

yeh this is the vídeo