[Networking] Set a blueprint to be owned by a client

I am trying to use the Run on Server replication on an event, however it doens’t execute and my guess is that the blueprint is not owned by the client. (because that is required right?)

I followed this instruction to set an owner for my blueprint:

Now the question is, what actor represents the client and how can I reference it?

Can someone help me with this? The player controller is the only actor I have found that is owned by the client by default but I can’t have all my code there…

Don’t know if that still interests somebody but this can be fixed by setting the owner ON SERVER from the player pawn BP. So for example if I have a a key event fired this has to be replicated to server in pawn class an than the owner of the other actor can be set from the pawn class on the server and all will work fine.

Could you explain that more in detail? Could you provide an example screenshot?

what exactly you want to achieve? anyway, here i have an example with working chat which spawned by level bp but has owner.