Networking in Blueprint

Short question: Is there any way to connect to a remote (non-UE4) server via TCP or something like that in Blueprint?
I know there is a FSocket class in UE4 C++, but is there a Blueprint-only solution as well?

About a year ago I stumbled upon Lyons Den’s thread here:

You’ll need to create the C++ classes and place his code within.

With a little work I had it working with an IRC chat (TCP), and with a TCP based projection software. -All in blueprints =)

Thanks, but unfortunately that is not what I am looking for. As said, we need a Blueprint-only solution, without any C++ code.

Aesais, I connect to a TCP server. When I close my game, my server still thinks the client is online.

@You need to send a close packet when disconnecting from a TCP server. In my IRC version I would send a close message upon end play. Also, if I remember correctly, the server will eventually disconnect the ghost client depending on what kind of TCP service you are using.

@Aesais The close packet should send automatically right, and yes, the server does disconnect, because the client disconnects, so it causes the server to crash. Thanks to C# try and catch, I can catch that client disconnected, and break out of the loop. Thank you, I did fix my problem, but in a dirty way, since with TCP there’s no knowing what can happen.