[Networking] Custom server with full custom networking


I’m working on an MMORPG project and we chose UE5 as the engine for the client.
We are creating the server from scratch with a proprietary protocol and we want to implement the whole replication logic and networking on the client side as well.

Our goal is to remove as much as possible of the UE’s networking code and have only our networking code be present in the game logic.

I’ve attempted to just to go as deep as needed and rewrite components and classes but I found that I cannot go deeper than APawn (still contains replication/networking code) because I need the AController to posses it and I need to pass a AController based class to the AGameMode and so on and so forth.
I would like to build my ACharacter and other classes directly from AActor and add things as I need them.

What would be the best approach in my case?

Thank you!

PS. Still new to UE.