[Networking] Client crashes PIE when exiting game

Log: http://pastebin.com/vzu1948z

I’ve modified the Shooter Example. My PIE runs fine with a single player, but when I use 2 (single process) the editor crashes when the client exits.

It only happens when it’s the client, and the log complains about one of several things(some pawn, a brush, or a weapon for example).

The error is always “Object from PIE level still referenced. Shortest path from root: (Object is not currently rooted)”.

I don’t have any references to actors stored, and I certainly don’t have any brushes stored away.

I believe this is a bug somehow. Perhaps my character’s replication is doing something weird? Once again, I’m not storing any objects anywhere so I don’t think my replication is the cause.

Anyway, I’ve been unable to figure this out. Any ideas?

Maybe try deleting all the BSP brushes in the map and see if the crash goes away.

Hi viperld,

Did you modify the C++ or blueprints portion of Shootergame? How are you running your replication between client and server?

I’ve extended the C++ and created my own character (from “ShooterCharacter”), pawn (from “Pawn”) and weapon (from “ShooterWeapon”).

I’m also using blueprints of my classes in the level. For instance, “BP_MyCharacter” to extend the “MyCharacter” class.

Replication settings have generally be copied from the base classes (this is all serving as an applied learning experience for me so I don’t reeeaaallly know how to properly replicate yet). There’s the health, current weapon, ammo, etc… all the things from the Shooter classes.

Thank you for your response, but I should clarify that the crash isn’t always caused by the brushes.

So far the crashes have complained about either the brushes, my weapons, or my pawns.

At first I was confident that I was doing something wrong in my code because crashes complained about my creations. However, when it barked about the brushes I began to think there was something less obvious going wrong.

We have a tutorial on replication here:

However, the error you are receiving has a lot of mentions to dividing by zero, do you have any instances of this in your blueprint or C++?

I am not near my project right now but I will certainly check when I am.

To clarify, I’ve mainly got replication happening in my C++ and not in my blueprints.

I realized I was using a non-source project so debugging is only showing me so much. I’m setting up the project in a source build now. I’ll be back with more info.

Unfortunately this is not a real answer. This did however resolve my issue.

I was running my game as a modification of the ShooterGame obtained through the launcher. I decided to compile the source myself so that I’d get full debugging messages.

I no longer receive any crashes when exiting the PIE as a client.

Once again, after migrating my game over to a source build I no longer experienced any crashing from my client’s exiting the PIE.