Networking "Capacities"?

I think I’ve got a good concept for my project now, but I need to know if it’s gonna work the way I’m imagining it now or if I can do something to make it work.

It’s about the networking part. I don’t know if what I want to do will be too much to handle by replication.

Think of a relatively large outdoor-world with occasional groups of buildings. I want to allow the maximum of 64 players, and AI units on top of that, maybe up to 100 or so. It would look a little bit like the Operation Flashpoint (or ARMA) games, only the world wouldn’t be that huge.

Do I have to tweak with replication-related code to make this work? Like limiting replication to anything that’s close to the individual client, if that’s possible? Although I expect this to cause other problems…

And is there a way to test on my machine how much traffic would be necessary in an actual multiplayer-game and if that can be handled?

Would be grateful for any advice before I start working on things that simply aren’t going to work or need to be done differently.


I will not answer on all part, beacause I have no all repsonse.
There is a set of networking tutorial from Epic team, and it is very interesting. FRom this, I can answer you, that you can parameter the distance from which information will be replicated to minimize bandwith.
Of course you have to replicate state, but not details of each things happening to other player character for example.?