Network stuttering?

I made a Facebook thread on this on unreal engine 4 developer. The thread went dead as soon as I showed the issue in a video.
I first had an issue with the character stuttering, we were 3 players connected to my ip, playing a fast fps game I made from third person blueprint, just to test.
However, when ever I see one of my friends character move horizontally (back and forward it looks smooth), it seems like a stuttering issue appears, like the character is struggling between two frames.

I made a video, that shows the issue, at 11 seconds it shows it perfectly, like there is two of that one character…

What I have tried :
Turned off TXAA to FXAA
Turned off AA all togheter
Turned off ambient occlution
Turned off bloom
Turned off motion blur
Raised the fps to 200 fps (I got a 144 hz screen)

My hardware is gtx 970, 4790k, 32 gig ram. Now I cant stress this enough, all 3 of my friend that I played with found this exact same issue, and they all complained about it.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: