Network Replication

Hey guys.
i have some issue in replication.
i creat some builing sytem in game like rust but when i play as a multiplayer game client cant build in server
i mean if client build some wall for example that client can see it but other client or server cant see
but if server build some wall everybody can see that.
How can i fix that ?? i use multicast in build function and check replication for wall.

Hello, you should build your building only on the server and not on the client. Use a Custom Event and set “Run on Server” Then Spawn your building. Make sure that your building is Replicated (Go in Class defaults of your building and check Replicates).

I encourage you to download the Unreal ContentExamples and look at the Networking map. You can find the ContentExamples project on the “Learn” tab of the launcher. Also check this for informations on Replications : Networking Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Introduction to Blueprint Networking Playlist:

it also shows the importance of “Has Authority”

Another learning resource ist the Multiplayer Shootout Example.

thanks a lot it’s working now :smiley:

It was very usefull thanks.