Network Replication spawn emitter

i’m trying to make a trace and spawn an emitter at the hit location, but i’m not sure how i can replicate the emitter to all clients. if i’d run the function on all clients with a multicast they would all get different hit locations and actually i don’t even want to run the whole function on the clients because of the apply damage, just the spawn emitter part. i’m new to ue4 so i have no idea how to make this work.

here is the bp

Can’t you seperate the apply damage function from the emitter function?

I guess normaly you would just use a replicated function (custom event) like you did on the left side, to let the server create the emitter and maybe multicast it. If you need the hitpoint, you can just use the hitlocation as an input for your custom event, similar to the text variable you passed to the server.

I would cast the line trace on the client and than perform a replicated function (run on server) with the hitposition and let the server spawn the emitter. If hes set to replicate, than it should work. After that, i would use the SwitchHasAuthority and deal damage. Or with a sequence splitted.

got it. works now. thanks. i just added a return node with the location from the trace in the explosion function, call a custom event that is multicast after explosion that uses thie location value from the return node and then spawn an emitter on that multicast event using that location value. thanks.