Network Profiler Doesn't Show Graph Anymore?

For some reason my Network Profiler isn’t showing the graph when I open a .nprof file anymore? It used to, but for whatever reason it now doesn’t do so. I’ve tried all versions all the way back to 4.0, with no luck.

Somewhere it’s saved a preferences file or something… any idea where I can find this? Will this tool see any improvement in the future? It’s super-useful and very overlooked IMO.

There’s no preferences file specific to the Network Profiler, so I’m not sure off hand exactly what would cause this. If the .nprof file was generated by an incompatible version of the engine, it won’t load, but you should also see a message saying the version is invalid.

The Network Profiler does target the .NET Framework version 4, so if anything related to the installation of that version of the framework on your system has changed, that might cause issues.

Would it be possible to attach an .nprof file that’s not working, and note the engine version it was created from (including whether it was a binary release or built-from-source engine)?

Yes, we are planning on improving the Network Profiler over time, and there are already some changes coming in 4.8.

Hi Ryan, Sorry this took so long to get back to!

I’ve attached a .zip with an example .nprof file inside, and what it looks like in my NetworkProfiler.exelink text

This is from a Binary version of the engine (version 4.7). I can’t get the profiler to show the graph for any .nprof I create, even after re-installing the engine and getting the latest hotfixes.

So it turns out there’s a bug (that will be fixed in 4.8) where the editor doesn’t output frame markers to the .nprof file. These markers are required to draw the graph. Do you see the same problem if you capture a profile outside the editor (either with a standalone build or running the editor .exe with the -game command line option)?

Funnily enough I did a test today in a built / packaged version of the game, loaded up the .nprof file and behold, a graph :D!

It seems like I was encountering the same bug. Good to know it’s fixed in 4.8!