Network Multicast Issue


I am having a strange problem, what I’m doing is basically, the server calls a multicast that’s supposed to send back the name of each player to the server like this :
Server calls multicast → Multicast calls event run on Server with player’s name → Server displays it

But when I try this, I only ever get the server’s name and not the players, also, in the multicast I have a Switch has authority printing “server” if it has authority and “client” otherwise, I put a breakpoint on he “print client” node but when I try it, the breakpoint never triggers yet the “client” text does appear, I’m really confused here.

If It’s not possible to do this server to all players and back to server transfer via events please tell me.
Thank you.

Don’t you call the multicast event from event BeginPlay?
For example, if you make blueprint like “BeginPlay → Multicast → Multicast calls event run on Server” in GameModeBP,
when BeginPlay is called, there are no players spawned, so multicast cannot call any events in clients.
This is because BeginPlay Events of GameModeBP or LevelBP or so on are called before players are spawned.

If your problem isn’t related to this thing, maybe I don’t have knowledge that can help you, sorry.