Network movement replication choppy on server

I am networking a simple movable character, but the replication of the client’s movement, is choppy on the server.

I have recorded the behaviour for both my own project, but also the standard FPS project.
The server is on the left and the client is on the right. Notice the choppy movement on the server (left), when I am controlling the client (right)

Watch it in 1080@60 fps

My project:Unreal Engine Demo 09 17 2017 13 00 32 34 - YouTube

FPS project
Any ideas, what is going on?

It happens because, in your machine, when you switch to the client window, you are leaving the Server Instance of the game to run in the background. The OS will prioritize what’s running in the foreground, but the data replication is actually being processed in the Server executable, which is running in the background.

I know there’s a way more accurate technical explanation on how Windows handles multithreading priorities, but this is normal and you should not consider this a problem.