Network Issue

Hi everyone,
I have a general question regarding the client-server-architecture of unreal. Are maps/levels (and the 3D-mesh-data within it) in general only saved in the client-application or on the server as well? I’m wondering if there is a way to get access to some confidential 3D-models inside my levels by just “looking” on the server-data.




Technically all assets is packaged and saved in each version of your game (server, client etc.), however if you do a dedicated server that would exclude lot of thing, like textures (or it would be in the packaged dedicated server but would be like 1-2 kbyte only)…

You can configure which assets should be excluded from dedicated packaging, which should be included.
Maps/levels i think always included (or configured at project settings) and all the mesh data (or simplified data) from the map also included because of collision and other data that needed on server too :slight_smile:

If the question is that you can send asset references through the network like selected “mesh” from server to client…
Answer is yes.