Network Cull Distance not working

Hey there! I’m having a replication problem, it’s been around for quite a while but I haven’t found a fix for it yet. The problem is that I have a large number of actors that replicate.

So what I need already exists - the network cull distance setting to make sure things don’t replicate when they’re too far away. The problem is, it doesn’t work a good portion of the time.

If an actor is created outside of the cull distance (I’ve tested this with short cull distances), the object won’t replicate until you get close, then will stop replicating if you go outside of this range. Just like its supposed to.
The problem seems to be that if one client is within the cull distance when the actor is spawned, it never culls - even if the client goes outside of that distance. It’s a little wonky in a few other ways too, but the general problem is that. Particularly for items with regular-sized cull distances which are quite large, this means a huge portion of things that get spawned in will never cull even if you go way far away, which hurts performance substantially.

Any solutions?