NetProfiler not showing charts

I profiled the game using the netprofile command. I stopped and started it and got an 80Mb nprof file (and 2 50k ones - not sure why)

When I load the file into the profiling tool I don’t see the charts. I’m in 4.7 release - known issue or user error?

The home page looks like the image below. Note that the actors, properties and RPCs tab has what looks like very valid data in it so it is loading and parsing something.

Hi TheZMan,

This appears to be a new issue. Would it be possible to capture a smaller nprof file that demonstrates the issue and attach it here so that we can take a look?

Here’s a smaller nprof file that shows the problem.

I am running 4.7.4 from the launcher

link text

Added the file to the above comment. Sorry for the delay

Thanks for providing the file! It looks like your profile has no frame markers in it - the profiler needs frame markers to draw the chart correctly. This is a known bug when capturing network profiles in the editor - and was actually fixed by this pull request. The PR will be in 4.8, but for now you can work around the issue by profiling outside of the editor - either with a non-editor build or by invoking the editor with the -game command-line option.

Great - thanks…