NetMulticast not working with demorec?

I implemented weapon logic that calls a netmulticast SimulateFiring() from server to clients, when using the DemoRec feature it won’t play these functions and as a result, the demo rec specator won’t see any firing FX (muzzle flash etc). The function is inside ServerFire_Implementation() which is of course a function marked as Server, Reliable, WithValidation.

Using Repnotify works fine however (eg. in this case I placed my simulatefiring inside a repnotify response to quickly test the difference.

void SimulateFiring();

int32 BurstCounter;

void OnRep_BurstCounter();

I tried using both Reliable and Unreliable netmulticasts but neither seem to work in demorec playback specifically. In regular gameplay it works fine in our multiplayer project. So my main question is…can we use netmulticasts at all for demorec purposes? and if not (which kind of sucks) why is this not included in the playback?

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Did you figure out how to get it working??