Net cull distance not stopping RPC to distant players

I have a test cube actor I created to increase in scale when overlapped. I run a switch has authority node when overlapped to call a multicast to increase the scale to 3. Same thing with End overlap event. I set the net cull distance squared to a relatively low number (861468.375). It disappears when the players are out of that range, but if it overlaps something and that multicast is called, players from all over the map see it as they received the rpc even though it is out of range from the net cull distance squared value. Scratching my head wondering why this isn’t working… Any thoughts?

I did some extensive testing and it seems that Multicast RPC events are called on all clients regardless of the Net Cull Distance. It pretty much seems to just ignore Net Cull Distance if it is a multicast event. I have only tested this in Blueprints and not C++. I’m not sure if this is intentional for Multicast RPCs or a bug in blueprints.

In my project, I decided to do RepNotifies instead of Multicast RPCs to avoid client calls when not necessary. However, keep in mind that the RepNotify function does get called as soon as the Net Cull Distance becomes relevant. So I immediately do a check in the RepNotify function based on time elapsed since it was called. If the time elapsed is over a certain time in seconds, I don’t process the logic. The RepNotify variable is a Struct that contains the variable I changed and a variable to hold the server time for when it was intially called.