Neon / Emissive Color Material - Reflections not Working

Hey everyone,

I recently followed a few tutorials and forum posts to create a neon material.

So far I have a material which glows and can look quite nice when paired with a post process volume for some extra bloom.

My issue is that the red light is not reflecting on the surrounding static meshes, which I was really hoping it would do.

It’s a completely empty level apart from my neon sign, a couple of walls and the post process volume.

Material BP and in game screenshots attached.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I really can’t see where I’ve gone wrong or what else to do to get this effect,



By messing around with default cubes instead of static meshes I created from BSP I found that setting my Light Map Resolution to 32 and Light Map Coordinate Index to 1 in the static mesh general settings, I could then build the lighting and my problem was solved, the emissive light would now be emitted onto and could reflect off of surrounding meshes.

Hope this can help anyone who encounters the same problem.