NeoFur - Fur, Fibers, Fuzzy Surfaces and more!

NeoFur Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Dear customers/fans/friends, we have an important and exciting update:

The Neoglyphic team is moving on to a new, cool adventure! Our new path allows us to push forward with our passion for building great technology and experiences. We will be going through a transition over the coming months and hope to share more details after that time. In the meantime, we will not be selling new NeoFur licenses. Please see our website for more details:

To existing NeoFur customers: your licenses are still valid and you should have received an email from us – if you didn’t please contact us at

It has been a wonderful journey building worlds, stories, art, music and technology for you all – thank you for your support!

Shut up and take my money!

There should be a free lite version for arch viz students or people who want to try it out and see if they like it before they decide if they want to spend their money on it?

This looks awesome! I have a few questions before placing my order though:

  1. Does NeoFur work correctly with Light Propagation Volumes?
  2. Does the Windows/Mac version also support PS4 and XBox One?
  3. Can you provide some information on how it affects performance?


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If I buy it now, will I be able to upgrade to the pro license when it comes available? For now I will purely be testing it, as I will require the source to be able to integrate into my version of UE4, which is heavily modified. Also around how much will the pro license be?

As much as i love all the examples in demo and visually its no brainer to buy, i am indie dev and since 100 bucks isnt that little money what worries me is performance. All i would like to do is to bulk together 10 of assets in scene render them out and run console stats for VRAM/triangle/d call consumption to really make sure it is usuable in game space. What i am trying to say is that perhaps there are more people like me woried about performance and would love to just get few day of trial version on it to just test performance. Or if not that if you guys could post some rendering FPS/d call stats of multiple rendered meshes with fur applied so that we can get the idea. I did check demo scene, but what i am more interested in is the FPS drop or draw call size per material/mesh becouse the performance on single rendered fur asset isnt going to be problem, its where the numbers kick in i would like to know how much can it scale upwards. If devs cant do it i would really appretiate if some purchaser of plugin could post it.

Hi there,

we were wondering when you’d upload the 4.11.2 Version since we can’t downgrade our project to 4.11.1.
Initial tests in 4.9.2 looked very promising though :).


I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Thank you thank you thank you for releasing!!

The mention of “Patent pending” on your website is very concerning. This is a technique that has been done before in many games, something I and others I know have used, before ever seeing this, so I’m not sure how you can patent this technique (or any artistic technique for that matter). I’m hoping that this is solely a patent for selling this exact implementation of a cross section fur system on the Unreal marketplace, and not a patent for any type of cross sectioned use (as if it is your own invention/software rather than a widespread artistic technique).

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Exactly!!! I need to demo it before I can put my money down, why companies dont automatically offer this is beyond me

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Your prices are odd o.O
Windows + Max = 99$
Mobile = 99$

Windows + Mac + Mobile = 199$

However by adding 99+99 i end up with 198.
So buying sincle licences is cheaper than the combopack?

Or is “Windows and Mac 99$” meant to be “Windows or Mac”?

Same here - I’m an indie dev working solo. $100 is a LOT for me.

I’d love to be able to run a trial / demo version of the plugin for compatibility, performance and how well it works with the meshes I have in mind. I don’t care if the demo has a giant DEMO bald patch embedded in the fur, to stop unlawful use of trial/demo versions.

Impressive! :smiley: What about mobile performance?

Well i was waiting for it too long so i couldnt resist buying it. At the moment 4.11.2 is not yet supported so i am waiting for that but i did already substential tests on 4.9. When 4.11.2 version is out ill write rewiev on this thread you can get some questions answered then unless developers do it themselves.

Exactly I 100% Agree :smiley:

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Glad I’m not the only one :slight_smile: