Nelo. A game by Magic & Mirrors

Hello Unreal Community I would like to show off what we have been working on at Magic & Mirrors since 2013. Nelo is coming to Steam early access November 2017.

Coming to Steam Early Access November 2017!

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Nelo is the lightning fast, out of this world, genre-blending, bullet-hell, character-action epic meticulously crafted by the loving couple at Magic & Mirrors.

Play as Nelo Aukal, an advanced Zenith class alien cyborg of the Tono Gian people, and wield a vast array of weaponry with the trusted telekinetic Hands of Aphelion. Fight your way off the desolate planet Plemniba from the hostile threat of the Nightsithe, a swarm of parasitic machines created by your people.

Master the reflex demanding skills of the powerful intergalactic Zenith Warrior with deep, mind-bending, breakneck gameplay that hybrids mechanics of twinstick shoot em’ ups, gravity defying run and gun, and brutal hack n’ slash melee combat. You will need these skills to survive the hostile world of Plemniba as being behind the enemy lines of the Nightsithe will not be easy even with your advanced alien technology.

Magic & Mirrors is the underdog development duo Kevin Bryant, and Michelle Morger.

We are skilled and passionate artists who are never discouraged by our great ambitions. Every line of code, every art asset, animation, and visual effect was all made by just the two of us. We have been in an intimate relationship since 2010 and have been working together in the industry since. We love making games as much as we love each other.

Tagging along we have Music Composer Kevin Greenlee and Voice Actor/Vocal Director Michael Schwalbe. Kevin and Michael share the same level of passion as we do and use their incredible skills to bring Nelo’s audio to life.

We hope you like what you see and we encourage you to add to your wishlist!

Here’s a Gameplay video. :slight_smile:

****! Excellent job guys. Already is looking very polished even for being early in development.

Looks great. Lighting needs a bit of work, other then that its great with the gameplay!

You guys created this game over your free time? As a “hobby”? Or it’s a full-time job?

By the bye… AMAZING!

Hello guys, Thanks for the replies. We are working really hard on the UE4 version and I can say it’s going very well :slight_smile:

We Got most of the gameplay rewritten with Blueprint but now we are rewriting the core gameplay in C++. again going well but I might be able to reveal some UE4 gameplay really soon. :slight_smile:

Hey, It looks really good. Reminds me of an old game where you were also picking up new weapons and power ups while fighting around an alien world with some objectives.

Keep it up.

~Chris I.

Here was a video we uploaded last month for Blocktober. :slight_smile:

**** guys, that looks nice. Way to harness the power of the UE4 engine and make a beautiful game. I do understand that it is in early stages, but man, great job guys! Keep up the good work, let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:


This looks like potential AAA material and looking on UE3 vs UE4 compirson switch was worth it, best looking indie project on UE4 so far

Also its very dynamic game, something what lest gen was missing

Those videos have me hyped. Nice work.

wow :slight_smile:
Mind is blown!

I have never seen a top down arcade style shooter so beautifully integrated with 3rd person mechanics! (Imo) This is yet another extremely unique approach to modern gaming innovation and is truly refreshing :slight_smile:
I have to say, that transition from top/down to 3rd person is one of my favorite parts. You really feel the “stress” and challenge from the top/down view, but as the camera changes, that “stress” doesn’t stop, it morphs into a different gameplay mechanic. Brilliant!

This is some beautiful work. Pretty good for 6 months. =)

I love the frenzied pace of this game, and the switching between third person and top down is genius. It gives it an arcade vibe, for all the right reasons! Loving all the partial effects too, just might have to ship it with an epilepsy warning. Keep it up - looking superb.

was watching this game on indiedb looks amazing and i wish you luck with it :slight_smile:

Freaking cool man! I dig it!

Very impressive! The action looks quite fresh and the fast movement seems fun.

this is amazingggg!

It looks amazing. I dig it.