Neil Gallagher's Work Thread:(LittleClaude)

Update, new WIP project, #StrangerThings


I have decided to start a sketchbook thread, more to come soon.

To kick it off here is a Dinosaur “Carnotaurus” presented in UE4 - 2.41

I hope to come back to this project over the summer as I am starting to learn Houdini and it will be a good opportunity to clean up the topology, rigging and animation.

As dinosaurs had a tendency to teleport around due to their size I used the Materialize VFX to show how they might have done this, it was also good to know how to trigger material parameters in the sequencer and play around with the FX speed, although I may have got a little carried away like a kid with a new toy. :slight_smile:

My next project is a fire station based in New York.

I am trying to learn Blender this summer so there is nothing like a project to force yourself to learn a new piece of software.

UE4 screen shot

Playing around with masked bump offset

Also added some parameters to help give it a little extra control.

Made a handy brick edge material to stop bricks bending around an edge, again with parameters to help with UV scale.

Playing around with bump Offset to help give decals a little more height, I do like the way I can move the UV’s to help get more variety with very little cost, I just surface transferred X3 manhole covers and a drain onto one texture.

Someone left the window open!

Note to self, extrude all the polygons before I send it to 3D print, luckily it was just a quick test before I send it to the expensive machine.

Quick update

Little update, now onto the back drop, then decals, then lighting and then back to the little assets and adjust the front door.

Fun with vertex paint

My to do list

  • Place Skyscrapers in the background.
  • Vertex Paint and decal pass to help break up the bricks
  • Finish assets in blue and the water tower.
  • Clean up shopfronts.
  • Variation to windows.
  • Sort out red front door.
  • Fence next to the alleyway.
  • Detail pass, water pipes, trash.
  • Balance colours.

Little update to the Ghostbusters Headquarters, I’ve still got a way to go.

I’m starting on some lighting set ups, which one do you think is working? I’ve pinched the background skyscrapers from the UE4 library for now.

Any questions, idea or critique please let me know.


Thought I would do a W40K Space Marine’s as this years anatomy study because…well why not, just about to attach some body plugs :slight_smile:;base64

Sorry about to poppy eyes, its to help prove one of Andrew Loomis’s rule of proportions the “5 eye across”, it gets the point across to the students :slight_smile:;base64
​ ha-ha!

Time for some hair, wish me luck!;base64;base64;base64

Playground Games Art Test (10K Tris) or under. This is an art test live project that I set my students. They have to make low poly fruit cart with low resolution textures and learn how to get the most out of every pixel. It was fun doing something old school for a change.

Today I’ve been playing around with UE4 lighting and colour look up tables (LUT). It’s a powerful tool and good fun to play with. The subway is from the UE4 learning resources.

I didn’t have a chance to tweak these as I had to bash them out during a lesson but even when they are ball park it’s an amazing tool to get fast results

Blade Runner

Night Vision

Predator vision

Cyber punk


Acid Trip, better when moving, check gif below. :slight_smile:

As Shaun Ryder once said, “Never did no harm, It’s coming up, It’s dare” :slight_smile:


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A quick water caustics test, I am so going to be using this in so many areas of my levels. :slight_smile:


Just trying out the new caustics on Murdock from Paragon. Just a quick test, need to bump up the refection’s in the puddle.

Having a bit to much fun in UE4 today with all the new film camera settings. I am looking forward to exploring this some more and exporting it in passes and trying Blender’s Compositor. I will post up some more results soon.

Closer in


Learning how to export tracked camera footage to help push the cinematic look, here is my quick test.

Starwars meets Aliens, Update 2