Negative product reviews are removed. Is it normal?

Hello, my opinion about Warrior Rose](Warrior Rose in Characters - UE Marketplace) has already been removed 4 times? Every time the reason is spam. How to prevent this? The product is really very poor quality, and wants to warn other users about it.

How is it possible that I can’t rate the product negatively? Marketplace moderator do no checks the opinions that will be submitted for removal?

I see your comment/rating.
however I can tell you that the picture you shared is exactly the same thing as the images of the character published in the addon.

We as content creators are in charge of the removal of possibly damaging reviews.
Epic doesn’t really have a say to make your comment stay, short of possibly banning accounts that actually push spam, Or removing bad products.

from the guidelines.

Since none of these apply, the product isn’t going to be pulled.
And you should be careful how you word things, given this:

If that were the case, I wouldn’t have any reservations. Photos on a black background show a different face shape.

I added a comparison? You really don’t see the difference. This is a scam. And the author covers it up, wanting to fool more people.…0Face.png?dl=0
What happened to the structure of the skin and the chin of the figure? And the hair?

And thanks to this, products have high ratings, because bad negative comments are harmful. What more can I say?

The creator has all rights to make screenshots with post-process. Same as Nirvanochka has a black background, some light, and maybe the camera was adjusted.
As you read a description says LOW POLY MODEL. Besides, that character has 51 animations, texture options… and all that for 20$.
Please don’t harm that creator girl, you can always contact the seller. I believe she will tell you quickly how to make the same image that she got on screens.

Have a nice time.

Price of the product, or low quality of the character? What does this have to do with receiving a different product than shown in the pictures. And I have no right to write about it?

If the product is cheap, you must not write the truth about it?

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I am asking that anyone show me how in eu4 I can adjust this face to look like in the pictures. (I’m not talking about colors)
In this case, the author should clearly write that the pictures do not represent the real product. Only that the author would like this character to look like he showed in the pictures.

I don’t get it, you’re defending someone who cheats people by saying if someone takes $ 20 they can fool us.

Ofc as a customer you have all that rights. The customer is always right.

Here you can see the same face as you show but from Nirvanochka product screens.

This is your right, but 4 times people said you that you doing something wrong with that review. Sellers don’t have a remove button for reviews btw.

I’m sorry but I don’t see any cheating here.

You know, when I put short positive reviews, nobody clears them. For the first time, someone deletes my comments on one selected product.

I know that. This does not change the fact that half of the pictures represent a different product. I was fooled because the photos of the real product are small.
Tell me how could I know on which pictures I should base buying this product ??

That’s why I created this post to find out what I’m doing wrong.

I have already evaluated a lot of products, but never even the shortest review has been removed.

The scam is that only part of the pictures show a real product.
If the author would be honest under each photo on a black background. He would write clearly. This photo is illustrative and does not show the product.

Before buying a product. How do I know which pictures are real and which are not?

I’m not defending anyone. Sorry if I said something wrong for you.

If you contact the seller you will see that this is just a small misunderstanding.

Absolutely not, I’m happy that you express your opinion, thanks to this everyone is developing and has the right to speak.

The problem is that the seller does the same with other offers. I can’t confirm this, because I only bought this one character.

I took a look at the screenshots and I think I understand the confusion here, the face structure does not change in the slightest, what’s really going on is a different field of view for the camera, in games (and UE4 by default) it’s usually 90, with the option to ± 15 or 20 it via settings, but in film the camera is more around 50 or so, this reduces the fisheye lens effect. The pictures on that store page were probably taken with the cinematic camera actor usually used for cutscenes and stuff, while you look at the same character with a default camera, but the character itself does not change.

After a coffee, I also noticed that on the 3rd screenshot a thin yellow outline can be seen, this implies the following procedure if you want to get the exact same result:

  • create a new map with the default sky
  • place them like that in the level viewport
  • in the viewport, click on the little arrow button and change the FOV (optional)
  • press G to make it in-game (hides editor icons from the viewport)
  • press F11 to make it full screen
  • press Print Screen to make a screenshot

Yes, you are right at setting 45, the face looks like as presented by the creator in the screenshot.
To check exactly how it looks at other sellers, I installed a dozen characters. I have no objections to any of them. After installing, they all look exactly like the authors presents in the screenshot.

I believe that the author does not apply a fair policy, and does not inform that the product images he presents is made with a different camera than the one used in the game. Why do I need such a character? In the game with a normal camera he has a very ugly face.

But this topic is a bit about something else. Is giving a bad rating because the character is generally poor. I know that low poly, but the character’s butt, face with a normal 90 camera looks very bad. And my comments are regularly removed. Marked as spam.
(These were short assessments)

Until now, I rather did not give very low ratings, because all the products looked as presented in the pictures, without any tricks. (I have about 600 products in my library)

I have the impression that I can’t give a bad rating, and if I leave it, it will be removed.

How can i now believe in the credibility of the market reviews? Deleting comments can be a normal practice on a larger scale.

Therefore, I would like to know why previous short negative ratings were removed.

Maybe because the quality of the model does not depend on your default camera settings in the client? One star for not having your camera set up, but seriously?

I personally don’t think reviews get deleted that often, maybe it was unprofessional and got reported.

As for the asset in question, it’s common practice in the industry to add fancy renders of stuff alongside in-game screenshots. I do not own that character and can’t say how it looks from various perspectives. The field of view thing is also standard, it’s why top down games have a FOV of 40 and camera springarm length is like 2000, instead of 90 FOV and 400 length for the springarm as some tutorials out there teach. Light setup is also important, 3 sources from various angles are common to illuminate an object nicely. But none of that changes the mesh in question, it is still the same mesh.

My advice to you is to stay cool and look at it from all angles or ask for a refund. My advice for the creator of the asset is to add few screenshots that show the character from different gameplay views, alongside a pretty render on a scene.

Not sure what else there is to say about it XD as someone above stated, it’s basically a misunderstanding that escalated.

At the beginning I gave it one star because texture connections were visible
Author solved it. That’s why I gave 2 stars now because the character is just ugly. And to make it look nice you need to change the camera settings.

Are you serious?? I have to change the default 90 configuration for the whole game to 45 camera so that the character looks like the author depicts??

I’m terrified. You created a whole topic about it. How much free time do you have? If you don’t like it, return the money. You bought with a 50% discount, for 10 bucks, and are outraged. For some reason, others are fine, but you are not. I can’t say that my character, even from this angle, is as ugly as you say. I know it’s a matter of taste. In any case, it is useless to argue with You, because I see only one from you inadequate

Here you write that I fixed something there. You’re lying! You’ve never even written to me. You could write to me 100 times, but instead you only send negative reviews. They are not just deleted. So You’re wrong.

This topic arose for one reason. And it’s not about your product.
In this topic I want to know why negative reviews are removed?
And that this happened in relation to your product, maybe it’s a coincidence.

My time and what I do with him is my business. Or maybe you want to manage it?

And what about this? So if I buy something for $ 1, I have no right to be outraged? So in your opinion how much I have to pay for a product? 50$? 100% 10000$?? To express My opinion.

Of course you are right I have never written anything to you. Where I say that I wrote anything to you.

If they were not removed, I would not create this topic.

This is not a major problem. The main reason for such a low rating is that, some of the screens distort reality. That’s how decent sellers don’t go. On all screens with a black background the character looks good but to get such an effect you need to use a 45 camera.

As I wrote, the reason for creating this topic is to remove my negative ratings four times.
And not that I have any problem with the money spent.