Need to set up scene in VR for client, no headset to test on my end

I have a laser scanned architectural scene that I produced for a client, now they want to be able to view the scene in VR. The problem is that I don’t have a headset to test the scene with. I’ve tried unsuccessfully many times and just don’t know what is required to set up this scene to work in VR.

Client will be using a Vive Pro headset. Wants to be able to use the controllers + headset for navigation.

I have the scene finalized for the standard first person blueprint with collisions. However I can see in the VR template that navmeshes are used, not sure if these are required or how they need to be set up.

I’ve brought in the VR pawn from the VR template which allows the client to use the headset, but the height is too low and when they crouch they can see below the floor. The hands show up for the client, but they are too far away from them and cannot be used to navigate.

Could someone please give me a detailed overview of exactly what needs to be done on my end from start to finish? It would be greatly appreciated.


I suggest you either buy a second hand Vive on the cheap or outsource this to someone with a VR setup. It’s generally not a good idea to develop for a platform that you don’t have direct access to.

You definitely need to develop this with direct access to a VR headset. Not only do you need to check if you can navigate all around and that your pawn is set up properly. You also need to make sure the performance is high enough to maintain steady 90 fps. There’s a lot of optimization work that needs to be done, most likely.
If you don’t want to do this yourself, send me a message, and we can talk it over.

You simply can’t do dev without QA, like developing iOS app without iOS device.