Need to call SteamAPI_Init before D3D

Dear Epic Staff,

We’re implementing Steam Store with IpNetDriver (not using SteamNetDriver). Everything work fine except that we can’t find a function to call SteamAPI_Init() before the D3D starts. This results in Steam overlay cannot initiate properly.

Is there any function we can override at the start of unreal that goes before DirectX is init?


Bump… anyone with answer?

Hey, I was wondering if you were able to figure anything out? We’re in the same situation where we need to call the SteamAPI_Init() function, but the only place it seems viable is in an OnlineSubsystem Module’s initialization.

We’re looking at possibly creating our own OnlineSubsystem, but it seems to be quite a feat.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you figured it out?
I’ve got the same issue…

You should put “SteamAPI_Init();” in the StartupModule(). In my case it is in my custom plugin, maybe you have to make yours(plugin).