Need test my small project , in return i will test yours in the future if you need one :)

I am working on a template for VR that use movements just like W.S.A.D in normal FPS/TPS games which use Vive thumb stick for free movements so i merged the normal template with some BP after watching UE4 stream of grabbing and throwing the ball , i don’t have Vive so i tested it with PSVR/PSmove on PC with TrinusPSVR which emulate it as Vive , i will release this template soon once i finish and make sure no bug left , for now i would like a help from you if any one have Vive to test it for me and tell me if everything is working fine as it should like (grabbing balls with right hand and camera height is normal and movements working fine with Vive thumb stick ) . if anyone like to help me pls tell mebelow links for both the executable and project file . i will really appreciate it .

made with UE4 4.15

NOTE : below template is old and broken , new template made and works fine if anyone like check it and use it here it is :

old not working project file 70 mb :
old not working executable is about 130 mb

You need to make shortcut for executable one to test it in vr by adding -vr to it like below

Did a quick run through. Posted a video of me playing it with the Vive. Hope you can use it for something:

Thank you so much mate for your time spending on my broken project :slight_smile: you spent 5 whole min sorry about that , like i said i made this with PSVR which emulate Vive in PC and it works fine with me and i thought before i start building my game on it i let one of my friend test it , Seems i will forget about it for now and make it for Oculus without head tracking till i get a Vive and fix camera height which will take some time for me . i really appreciate your help and your time mate and like said for any help for testing project i will help you in the feature just ping me in youtube or forms :slight_smile:

edit : Oh seems i forgot to add “SteamVRChaperone” component to my player character .

np man… it’s this kinda feedback we all need from others when we try to develop stuff. Happy to have helped and anytime man.

Yep, you show before like you mention, but the other guy posted the uproject reverse like you (at least as far I’ve seen, fix me if I’m wrong) :wink: