Need some help or ideas for a oculus project


i’m still working on our VR project and have some problems or fear about how to navigate.
As we started the project it has to be the oculus and not the vive because there is no way to use tripods or other mounting-systems for
the lightboxes (it is a project for a booth)

We informed them that you cant turn full 360 (using controllers) with the oculus, so we created the vr-world so that you dont need to turn at all, BUT now all
changed (like always) we now have to turn and i got some serious trouble with the cv1’s tracking.

At 180 degree and by madly hitting the teleport trigger like an idiot it sometimes either kicks me out of the playroom (is see it right besides me, including the hands) or
in rare situations it even kills my whole oculus playroom setup (turned 180 degree, have to do the oculus roomscale setup again.

So, what do you think is a good way to avoid this ?
I tested today if teleportation using the HMD only is a good idea (using the ue-vr template) and not the touch-controllers and i actually liked it.
A first quick test to combine that with the hands from the motion-controller template failed because it seems that i’m to bad in blueprint stuff.

Do you think it is a good idea ?
I need to be able to turn in my VR-World and i need the hands to grab something using the cool VR-Expansion plugin.

Anyone ?

I may found a good workaround for my problem, i added 45 degrees of rotation to the player by a click on the left or right thump-stick.
Not super sexy but works quite good, at least i can cover the need to turn 180 degree by the user itself.

Can some one maybe help me by my next two problems ?

  • i like to add teleport hotspots without using a navmesh, like “mitch” is doing it in his cool vr-examples.
  • i would love it so much if my oculus-touch controllers buttons would be animated !

Please, someone :slight_smile:
I would pay with beer or a lil money for a solution.

Thank you!