Need my sun disc back!

So this is clearly a newbish question, however I cant seem to figure it out.

Using the default sky from ShooterGame example this is what I have now

However, I would like to get my disc back to look like the one in the blueprint office example.

What am I missing? They use the same sky sphere!

Hi Hospina,

The Sun Disc is not part of the skysphere. It is actually a component of the Atmospheric Fog. In the first image you’ll see that you have the option to set the sun disc scale and get the size sun that you would like. The next thing you’ll need to do is find the DirectionalLight n your scene outliner. In the details panel you’ll find the option under light that says “Used as Atmosphere Sun Light”. This box needs to be checked and you will now have your sun disc back.

As a side note. If this option is not checked in the details panel for the DirectionalLight you will see a sun disc but it will not rotate or change position with the light if you rotate it. The sun disc is a visual thing and is not an actual light source.

I hope this helps you out. Feel free to post more questions about it if you run into any problems.



Thank you sir! Learning something every time I hit this forum!

Actually when I drop this in there, I dont get the sun disc scale option. I get everything else though!

It also does not move, even with that option checked!

I also tried this in a new project, and the atmospheric fog has no option for sun disc size