Need More Optimization

I am trying to create a 3D Sidescroller game. There is a part of the game where there is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) enemy who runs toward the player character, and explodes on impact. Right now, the movement in the game lags a bit, and I hear an explosion before the AI enemy even makes contact with the player character, telling me that the game is running a bit slow.

I have done everything I know how, in trying to optimize this game to run quicker. I tried to optimize the textures, built the lighting, used culling boxes to cull most of the stuff in the level. The game I created even runs faster than the 3D Sidescroller template (with nothing added or taken away from it) does. The 3D Sidescroller template takes 12.2 milliseconds to run, while my game takes 10.2 milliseconds to run, as you can see from the images below. However, my game still feels like it lags, and is running a bit slow.

I am amazed from all these Unreal games I see that run very quickly, yet seem to have a lot of stuff in the game, which boggles me, cause I would think that all that “stuff” would slow down the game. What am I missing in optimizing my 3D sidescroller even further, so that it runs quick, to where the explosion sound only happens as the AI enemy makes contact with the player character, and not before?