Need lighting direction, Unreal 4 Environment


I am trying to polish up a portfolio piece I am making after a class. It’s an outdoor, partially covered environment based on the backstreet behind River Street, Savannah.

The lighting is different on my home computer than the school computers and I’m not sure how to proceed. One problem is it’s much darker. Any tips would be appreciated!

More specifically, how do I get a more dramatic light angle with the dominant directional light heading into the alley.



Are you sure the darkness is not related to different monitor settings?

Not sure, how do I check? Here’s a screenshot from the school computers.

Oh ok, yeah, there is difference between the two. Check the Engine Scalability Settings in Settings section on your computer and see if they are all set to Epic.

Yup, fixed the problem right up.Thx.

Alright, I have one last issue that’s been getting on my nerves. The lighting on the sides of the BSP’s are completely off. Its in a dark corner where the light shouldn’t be reflecting off like that. Any settings I can change, otherwise, I’ll work around the problem.