Need individual rotations for a mesh particle


I’m working on this particle system that should be rings rotating around giving a sense of a spherical cage, so these rings need to be rotating in 2 separate ways: one would be spinning on it’s same axis (Z I’m guessing), and the other one would be a wobble so to create the cage inside of them. The problem is that when applying rotation to 2 or 3 axis it’s splitting the speed between them, so the spinning of it becomes much slower when being in a vertical position for example. I’ve tried applying the spinning rotation with a vertex shader (like this) and then doing the wobble in the particle system but it’s the same issue as using the Rotation Rate module, it’s not separating the rotation inputs. I tried duplicating the nodes from the vertex shader that makes it spin having one be for the wobble rotation and multiply or add the results but that doesn’t work either.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!