Need Ideas of how to make a handed fire torch

Hi, i’m working on a 3rd person RPG and I would like to make a fire torch and being able to equip/unequip it like a weapon. (like in Elder Scrolls games and other games)
I’m using this asset Action RPG Inventory System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace so my weapons are skeletal meshes witch are added to my hand socket but is there an easy way to attach a point light directly to a skeletal mesh?

I still need help please. I know I could add a mesh and a point light in a blueprint but my inventory directly add skeletal mesh to my character mesh so i’m lost.

you can make the particle have the light, add light to the emitter. Just make sure its not making too many lights. But yeah you will probably need a blueprint to trigger the particle on the socket and at that point you may as well use it to add a point light.

Thanks for your help.
I’m thinking of adding the point light to my character blueprint and activate it when my torch is equipped. So it means when my torch skeletal mesh is attached to the hand socket of my character mesh.
It look more simple but after research, I can’t find how to check if a specific skeletal mesh is attached to a specific socket.

I would do it when you attach the skeletal mesh to the socket set an attr. Not check to see if its there. Find where the items/weapons are assigned to the sockets and to a if item is torch set torch settings, if item is added while torch settings are true remove torch settings(lights/fx).

What do you mean by “set an attr. Not check to see if its there” ?

at some point the character will want to equip the torch. When they do THEN you set an attr isTorchEquipped=true not at some point check to see if they are holding it now. So when they equip it and unequip it you set a attr that you can check against.

Yes that’s what i’m trying to do but I still don’t know how to check if a specific skeletal mesh is attached to a specific socket.

there is a difference in checking if its there or if you engage it while you are putting in the socket. Like if a player selects it to put it into the socket at that time you know.

But I think you mean you don’t know how to rig that up to the BP system you bought. Thats another issue, since I don’t have that system its hard to say. But yeah thats the thing you’ll have to figure out. The creator has a thread for support Action RPG Inventory System - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums maybe they can tell you where/how to connect the FX and light up.

No, what I don’t know is : how to check if a specific skeletal mesh is attached to a specific socket. I mean, how to know if “NameOfTheSkeletalMesh” is attached to “NameOfTheSocket” so I can use this as a condition.