Need help with world texture normals

I’m having trouble understanding how to do this Unreal engine 4 - 3d terrain material with world texture normals - YouTube

I would like to have my models and my landscape both incoorperate this, is this possible currently to do on landscapes? Does anyone have a material I can pick apart, or a tutorial they can point me to. I’ve looked at the unreal documentation, and its kind of shooting over my head atm. It just basically has definitions for all the plug ins but doesn’t really show how to get it working.

bump, still need help to this question, anyone out there?

The basic idea is this: instead of using the UV coordinates to map your texture you instead use the position in the world. Here’s an example:

In this case I used the R and G channels of the world position, which translates to the X and Y axis of the world. These are then plugged into the UVs of the texture. By default the texture will repeat every unit, which is probably to small, so I also added the divide node to scale it up.

If you now apply this to any object, whether it is a landscape, a static mesh or even a dynamic mesh, the texture will always align.

Ok I am understanding now, thanks for the response. One question to this, since I have 3 textures on my terrain with varying tiled sizes through the landscape coordinates. Would I set 4 of these up one for the main resolution of the terrain which is 2160, then 3 more 1 for each tiling texture thats weight blended with a splat map? Then just plug in the tiling i’m doing into each of the 3 textures divide nodes? Thanks again!