Need help with UE4 volumetric light

So I’m trying to recreate the Outer Wilds main menu scene, which I’ll put a reference to down below, and I’m currently trying to make the stars (can’t seem to find a sky dome that fits so I’m manually creating one) but I can’t seem to get the volumetric light of the stars working and can’t even get them to be visible from afar either.
I’m wondering if it has something to with the scene being completly empty and with no general lighting (to simulate the space of course) but either way I’m pretty knew to unreal and even more to lighting in unreal so I would appreciate all the help I can have on this topic.

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Hey @Gatronik!

Yeah, you’re going to want to use a simple .png or .jpeg for your backdrop (sky sphere). The thing is with volumetric light is that it needs something to bounce off of, and there’s nothing out there to do so :frowning: really the only light I see in this scene is a very low volumetric over the entire scene, and a strongish point light on the fire.

I would suggest using Pixabay or something of the sort to look for a good image to stretch for your backdrop if you can’t find anything on the Unreal Marketplace. :slight_smile: Any image can be your sky dome.

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Didn’t know of that page, I actually found a good image to use so tomorrow I’ll do some testing with it thank you!